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Route 66 Motel in Grants, New Mexico

Not only is this nasty hotel room infested with bed bugs, but is a complete dump in general. The maid has come once in the past month I have been here, and it was only to do a *** job at vacuuming.

The first week I was here the bath tub had a major leak that has yet to be fixed, as well a broken T.V.

Now the Bed Bugs. I had been getting bit for several weeks not really knowing what it was until my boyfriend and I found an infestation in our bed. I shouldn't be surprised considering the mattress looks and feels to be from the 60's.

I have been greatly displeased with my experience, and my list of horrible things could go on and on. I would shell out the extra cash and head up the road to a more qualified hotel. DO NOT STAY HERE.

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To add on, I'm mostly upset because they refuse my 1,200.00 refund and won't pay to have the room exterminated.

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